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Dreams and Nightmares RPG [entries|friends|calendar]
Dreams & Nightmares

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[04 May 2005|05:20am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Dantes - OPEN

Its a very busy night. Saturday, the clock hasn't yet reached midnight, but it isn't long until then. A live band is playing tonight, a relitivly popular band, who has just begun to make a name for itself. A lot of people have paid the five dollar cover charge to see them preform. If for no other reason, than to say, "Yeah, I know them. I saw them before they were big." Besides. There isn't much else going on in the town.

I wake up.
-Where the hell am I?-
I look around, its crowded here, the music is to loud, the band not good enough, and smoke premeates the air. Its hard to breath. My hand, shaking, clutches a cold bottle of beer.
I grimace and set it down.
I hate american beer.
I'm in America.
America...why am I in America...something stirs at the edge of my mind. It is as though the smoke in the room has clouded my brain. I know something...I am someone. Something more than what I know of myself....
Confusing? Yes. I'm not sure I know whats going on.
A pang. A craving.
That I know. I pat my pockets, and check the sole of my shoe, no statch.
What the hell has happend to me.
The band mentions the name. It stands out. I know the word, but nothing associating with it.
Ijump as a hand touches my shoulder.
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Hive Common Area- Closed- Nighmares Only [05 Jul 2004|04:47pm]

It's a nice, warm night. Scratch returns from an evening walk. He sits on the couch with a book, Serial Killers, which details the lives and "habits" of various serial killers throughout time, even back to Vlad "The Impaler" Dracul of Transylvania. He opens the book to continue the section on Dahmer. He impulsively talks to himself while preparing.

"Well, time to unwind my busy day. Hm. Ah, yes, Dahmer."

He smiles to himself and reads on...
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Inside the hive - Unknown location - Late night [04 Mar 2004|06:58pm]

*thinking out loud*

"My knife is thirsty for blood, its crying for my to feed its hunger. If I must wait longer then who knows who will be forced to feed its lust?"

*slowly looks around*

"I know that someone is watching, there is always someone watching. So who is
there? I wish to chat."

*face slowly curls into a cruel smile*
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The Hive - Inside Sol's Room - Closed (Nightmares only) [03 Mar 2004|12:41pm]
[ mood | aware ]

Sol opened his eyes form the long Mnesis trip that he had undergone. Though his mnesis was corrupted by the wyrm, his dark visions held maerit for those who had the ability to decipher it.

Sol gazes aroung the room to see that nothing had changed in the long months that he had been absent. No doubt it went unnoticed by those in the Hive. He would deal with that when the time comes. The important thing was he had gotten what he was searching for. He had finally reach the goal he had been reaching for since his return. He was back to normal...

His "death" had taken its toll on his mind. Things were scrambled and memories were jumbled. He knew who he was and what his purpose was. However, his knowledge and lore and spiritual prowess was scrambled. Now, he was complete again.

Suddenly, images and events started coming to him like a flah cut film. He started seeing what the banes that he had set up before his mnesis trip saw.

He had set up spys all around the hive to see what transpired during his "hybernation". Everyplace except Delilah's room. Her wards were too powerful. It was no matter. He had gotten significant knowledge of the two new members of the pack. And...Scratch.

He has been doing something. Sol had no way of pinpointing what exactly he was up to. However, it definately had nothing to do with explosives. This facinated Sol. and he was going to figure out more.

Sol stood up slowly as all of his bones creeked with the stress of moving. Sol started poping every joint that he had. Every part of his body that could move showed thier dismay at the disturbance of the movement. He grabed some clothes and put them on with the grace that he once had and regained.

"It is time to see..." Sol said as he opened his door for the first time in months.

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Outside Delilah's Room- The Hive- Closed (Nightmares Only) [29 Feb 2004|09:54pm]

In the dark room of his den, Scratch thinks about his situation(s). He ponders what he can do to finally gain a strong foothold of respect in the Hive and in the eyes of his alpha. He considers burning something, as he often does while thinking. He stops himself, "enough fire for now..." The spark of an idea ignites a small fire of thought. He stands and enters the halls of The Hive, walking towards Delilah's door.


As I walk I think of the last few months. My challenge, my recovery, my training...all of it has gone by so fast. My new challenge is the spirits. I will learn the ways of shifter magic, and any other sort of magic I can learn at Delilah's discretion. I find myself outside her door, now.

*Knock, knock*

And I wait patiently for her to answer.
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The Manor - Closed (Dreams characters only) [24 Feb 2004|12:19am]

The sun's already barely broken over the horizon, clear and golden, by the time I arrive back at the Manor. Flicker-flashing to the front gates and entering the grounds, I take mental note of the occupants.

I think they're all asleep: good. I have no desire to explain my absence. After the bloody fiasco at that infernal bar with Saoirse and Liam and him, I had to rid myself of a bit of stress.

Quietly slipping through the dim corridors and halls, I make my way to the kitchen and put water on to boil for tea. My coat is thrown over a chair and I sit at the table to write back to Harmony Farms; negotiations for the employment of the pair of Boggans have taken longer than I originally had anticipated.

I'm not sure it's a good morning--it's been a very long night.
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The Edge of the Freehold...Closed (Liam, Owein) [23 Feb 2004|03:31pm]

[ mood | infuriated ]

*The VERY EDGE of the FREEHOLD---Closed (except to Owein, who can feel when Liam is on the grounds, and transport himself there; unless you can find us or are led there)

I sit in a tree in the thick part of the outer forest near a pond. I'm in feline, and have been for some time now under the cover of my gift to disappear. I sit and wait, for I know that Owein can find me, and has felt my presence entering and leaving the freehold over the last few hours. I feel the urge to hunt. To kill. I restrain and wait for an appearance by Owein. We have much to discuss.

I've travelled the manor a few times in my hidden state. Mostly when no one is around, but I've looked in on the others and see they're unaffected by my absence. Not that it's been long enough to pronounce that I've gone missing, just long enough for me to gather insight into what's going on while I'm away. Then I returned to my tree...my camp.

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Owein’s Manor(Liams Room) LIMITED to Dreams characters [23 Feb 2004|11:06am]

Something was wrong, nothing in my immediate surroundings had changed, and yet suddenly I was washed with an overwhelming feeling of wrongness. I shudder, and faltered mid song on my fiddle…violin…stupid instrument that I played. I set it down carefully as my hands began to shake. For a moment I thought it was a relapse…perhaps the awful craving for Heroine had come back. I closed my eyes, sitting on the edge of my bed. No, this was something different.

I don’t know why but as soon as the shaking subsides a bit I lurched to my feet and began to rush through the hallways of the manor. I didn’t know precisely where I was going, but I had learned a long time ago to trust my instincts. There. I had found it.

I blinked.

-Liams room?- I wondered to myself. Without thought or second pause, I opened the door stepping into the room. If something was wrong, I needed to know what it was.

“Liam?” I asked quietly.
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Dantes - OPEN location [19 Feb 2004|10:30pm]

Dantes - OPEN location

The air is thick with the smell of people and smoke, but it is tolerable, deep throbbing music undercuts the noise of people talking. Lights flashing, illuminating the mass of dancing bodies in the middle of the club. Welcome to Dantes. It’s a rather slow night as far as the club goes, and sound of people and music not so loud as to drown out the sound of conversation.

She sits alone at the bar, idly watching people dance and mingle, but her mind is not on the strangers. To mortal eyes she is beautiful, her long hair pulled back in a loose knot, her silver green eyes seeming to almost glow from within. She wears old blue jeans, and a gray mock turtleneck, a worn and beat up leather jacket rests on the bar next to her. Around her neck is a torc, its silver colored ends sculpted into snarling catheads. To the eyes of the enchanted, her hair is bound in jeweled combs, and upon her hair is a platinum circlet. Her clothing is a woman’s version of a hunting outfit, but in blue and sliver, velvets and silks rather than wool and leather.
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